Data Viz /Data Science Resources

A brief list of resources I've found helpful on this continuing journey into data. This list is by no means authoritative, but is a list, with a bit of information that might be useful, rather than just a list. The books listed, I actually have physical copies of. Some are also available online, and despite needing to be online/on a computer to 'practice' and learn data visualisation I just have a personal preference for reading printed books!

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Interactive Data Visualisation with for the Web - Scott Murray

An intro for complete beginners to the javascript graphing library, D3js. This book not only introduces you to some basic concepts and approaches to the use of D3js, but some very basic things about web-pages (e.g. the 'DOM', CSS) and how d3 works with this. Though very basic in its nature, I've used this book many times to go over basic concepts that you need a good understanding of to work with D3.

Information is Beautiful - David McCandless

Folio book of infographics designed by David, many of which are also interactive graphics on his page The website/book first inspired my interest in data visualisation, and how to make it interactive.

Facts are Sacred - Simon Rogers

Guide for those purely interested in data journalism - how to get the data, where to get it, basic tools to analyse and plot the data. Simon worked as the 'Data' journalist at The Guardian for many years and hence has lots of practical experience and advice on this matter.

Data Visualisation: A handbook for data driven design - Andy Kirk

A complete guide to data visualisation for beginners and those with some know -how. This book is not 'tool specific' (e.g. Tableau/D3?) but is a more generalised overview of the principles of data visualisation, including directing the reader to important questions they need to ask themselves about their data source, what to do with it and the best types of graph to plot it with.


Mike Bostock

Mike created d3js (he is the 'God'), and worked as the data editor/journalist at the New York Times. If you have never come across his own website directly, doubtless you've seen his name in something to do with D3!


Literally, hundreds of d3 visualisations in a page of blocks. "Blocks" is a tool to quickly create, edit and fork d3js examples; this website is a really good 'visualisation' index: if you are looking to develop a project, not sure what type of visualisation you should use, check in here for inspiration.

Shirley Wu

Shirley is a freelance data-viz developer who has some amazing visualisations.

Visual Cinnamon - Nadieh Bremer

A physicist (astronomer!) turned Data Scientist via her passion for interactive data visualisations.

Kyran Dale

Only just came across Kyran's page recently. He released the book 'Data Visualization with Python and Javascript' which I will no doubt purchase and read soon. He has some great projects on his webite including details about all aspects of creating the visualisations - including sourcing the data, organising it, parsing it, using python and d3js.