Melbourne Weather Map (temperature interpolated, binned)

Melbourne Weather Map (temperature interpolated, binned

Weather interpolated over a grid of 20x20 graticules based on the region of Melbourne weather station data. Hover over the points to see station names.

Last retrieved from stations at 06:30:00 on 09-03-2021

This project was inspired by a visualization I saw put together by Kyran Dale who wrote the O'Reilly series book 'Data Visualization with Python and JavaScript'. I can't find the original working visualisation (but his code for that project is still here). Kyran's original project involved wrangling data from all weather stations from the UK Met Office - and displaying 3 animated maps of sunshine, rainfall and temperature across the uk spanning a period of > 20 years.

In this version the data is current (retrieved from the BOM website when you load the page) and interpolated onto the grid of stations located around Melbourne.

Getting this to display in map form involved a few steps - and a tiny bit of previous experience with web-mapping using D3.js. QGIS was used to generate a 20x20 graticule grid over the extent of a Melbourne map layer.