Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan

This is my website to show some data visualisations using d3js, JavaScript, JSXGraph and more.

I am a developer at SErious Toy Library Software (Ruby on Rails/Javascript), and Bioinformatics support specialist at AGRF where my role involves internal software support for bioinformatics pipelines and a python-django app we use to do 'bioinformatics'. Previously I worked as a data wrangler at Net Knowledge, and also did PhD research in Physics/XFEL science at the University of Melbourne.

I am passionate about data - and the process of parsing, manipulating, transforming it in order to produce visualisations that allow meaningful analysis to be performed.

The image below is just an RGB image from the central region of crystal diffraction pattern, generated through simulation in MATLAB, where the pixels in d3 are represented by 'rect' svg elements.

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